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Friday, 2 September 2011


Nakamaru's Page No. 715
Dated : 4th of July 2011

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Yesterday was "Shuuichi" and a shoot.

From next week on a new corner of "Shuuichi" called "Majisuka" ['Seriously?'] will start.

I got entrusted with a corner for the first time.

I want to give my best that it becomes a corner aimed at the watchers.

They also let me draw the logo to use on location.

Please watch it!

The other day, the recording of the coupling song for "RUN FOR YOU" took place.

The view of the studio.

[pic of recording studio]

During the break, we got fruits.

[pic of a plate with various slices of melon, oranges and some cherries and stuff]

We were able to do a very good song.
Look forward to August 3~

Anyway, it's hot, isn't it.

Since there are many places that cannot use air conditioning to save energy, let's all be careful of sunstrokes.

Stay hydrated and keep a moderate salt intake for what you lose by sweating.

And for the sake of saving energy, let's use it in a reasonable way during the peak time from 12 till 4 pm.

Since it seems like the energy supply is sufficient outside of the peak hours, it's nothing impossible.

Let's do our best together, little by little.

On Tuesday at 12 in the night there's a radio programme I hope you will listen to: R-One KAT-TUN on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting.

This time it's about "Did mails arrive from people working as soccer staff, as Nakamaru continuously asks for?!"

Please enjoy!

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

Nakamaru's Page No. 716
Dated : 6th of July 2011

Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

The weather in Tokyo today is good.

[pic of two high buildings with sun and blue sky peeking through]

Yesterday I had interviews for TV Pia, TV fan and TV LIFE, rehearsals and a meeting for DREAM BOYS.

Today I have a shoot, recording and filming on location for Shuuichi.

Here's a pic of the sweets we got during yesterday's interview.

[pic of several boxes of fruits and so on]

They were delicious.

At the shoot, we did suikawari [splitting of watermelon].

[pic - it was missing but I guess it was the same as Koki did]

It's summer.

All the students have summer vacation from next month on. Please do your best for the remaining studies of this semester.

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

Nakamaru's Page No. 717
Dated : 8th July 2011

Nyoki Nyoki
Good evening
This is Nakamaru Yuichi

Since I haven't finished the course work for this week yet, I'm a bit nervous.

The deadline is Sunday.
I'll do it tonight.

Yesterday I had a shooting for the NHK drama "Last Money ~The Price of Love~", and an interview for "Theater Guide", and did the choreography for the solo song. Today is a set shoot for "Last Money".

The broadcast of "Last Money ~The Price of Love~" will start on Tuesday, September 13 from 11 pm on.

Ito Hideaki-san is playing the main role and the shooting started around the beginning of last month.

Roughly, it's a story about an insurance company.
By the way, we yesterday did the shooting on the Miura Peninsula.

[pic of a field, lots of blue, cloudy sky and a tree in the middle of the horizon]

More details at the next opportunity.

After a long time, I did a new solo song again. It seems like a pretty long song. I like it a lot.

On Saturday, from 7.54 pm till 8.51 pm "Galileo Hit Nouken" will be on.

On Sunday there's the live broadcast of "Shuuichi" from 8 am until 9.55.

Please watch it!

Bye bye~
Gachan, tsu tsu tsu

translations credit to parasol-odori

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