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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Who knows, maybe it will bring you luck! LOL

Duet - February 2010
Nakamaru's Part

Q1. What are your goals in your private life for the year 2010 ?

This year too, I would like to pursue my university studies at my own pace. Because I have to wake up early in the morning, I often feel like having a nap during my work time. Talking about this, I felt once a real perfection. Now, I improve the weak knowledge that I have about brain's construction. I find it kind of interessting to learn things that I didn't knew. For that, I think that this year I'll read much books. In the book that I read now, they're speaking about the influence that the television have on us, so when I'm recording a show, I think about whay they say in. Believe all the things written on books isn't a necessary a good thing, I think that to have our own way of thinking is also precious.

Q2. What are your aims in your work life for the year 2010 ?

I would like to reach a kind of perfection. Of course, I want to be number one at work and to improve my work's quality, I think that to always train my body is important. Moreover, it's important to balance my private life and my work one. And I want to travel. I told to myself that I'll do a travel each year but I haven't choose this year's place. To have new private experiences as much as possible, I would like to travel during my work? But it seems that it's a mistake if I doesn't speak about it ['I have to speak about it with manager-san' for example]. But before that, they are things that I want to do in my work (laughs). For myself, I think that I have to correct my weak personnality. I'll become stronger. But if it is something impossible, I will surely give up this idea... (laughs).

Q3. What are your wish and predictions about other members for the year 2010 ?

What Nakamaru wants for the others :

Kamenashi : I think, even I really weak in baseball, that you shouldn't force you body to erase the muscle pain that you have in feet/legs. Also, learn me [how to play baseball]. About my predictions, I think that after your dorama ["Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge"] skulls will totally enter to your heart. But please do your best !

Akanishi : Your movie will be in release soon, your solo single is already out, le number of your solo activites will increase , but I would like you to have a work life as a KAT-TUN member too. So I think that seeing the way you're spread yourself to other area/things, this year will be a very important one for you.

Taguchi : We both went to "table game" [WTF it is ?] together, aren't we ? Generally we go ther twince a year. My wish for you if surely about that. My predition about you... What will it be ? Taguchi will live happily. It's sure. This year too, as all the other, Taguchi will life as he want to.

Tanaka : I want to hold a solo concert alone with Koki. Tecnhically, is it possible to do it around the half of the year, isn't it ? About the prediction, I think that Koki will shown us that his image is ten thousand miles away the real "him".

Ueda : I don't have any wishes for Ueda. I just would like him to don't change. Mah, if I told him to change, he will be embarassed (laughs). About my predictions, I think that he will, as a buch of years, continue the boxing. And thanks to that, he will became stronger and stronger.

What the others want for Nakamaru :

Kamenashi : Please hurry to change yourself ! When we hang out together (they hang out the day before the interview) to drink only water isn't goo (laugs). Change also your way to dress yourself, I beg you. Even your underwear ! To wear boxers, it's ok, but why are the red !? Isn't it to monotone !?

Akanishi : I really want you to do your best for your studies but also for your work. If you want to have your university degree, I'll support you too ! Recently, you began to learn Korean so if one day you really go to this country, I think that you will put a lot much effort into it !

Taguchi : My wish for you is that we go back to the "table game". I want that our bond continue as long as possible. My prediction about you is that you'll have your university diploma at the end of the year. Ah, am I wrong ? It seems. So Nakamaru-kun will stay a 3rd year university student next year (laughs)

Tanaka : Stay as you are (laughs). Kame told you to change them, but I like your underwears as they are. Your style has never changed, isn't it ? Ah, shall we creat the unit "TaNaka" together !? And our first song will be called "Daite SeƱorita".

Ueda : I think that this year too, Nakamaru will be able to do the things that he wants too. It's for that that I want him to live using his chances. I'm sure that this year Nakamaru will reach the perfection, in his work life and his private too, am I right ?

Potato - July 2007
Nakamaru's Part

-In one year, what new happened to KAT-TUN :

To do a concert with the best plan and to step forward our second anniversary made me really happy. This year's tour finished in Tokyo Dome and if I can, I would like to do it again ! After, honnestly,I really would like that 'Cartoon KAT-TUN' (on Nihon TV) continue as much as possible.It's a show that everybody has waited for, I hope that we'll grow up tahnks to that. Aboutmy personnal work, I wait for my dorama "Sushi Oji!" (will be on air during July on Asahi TV) to be on air (rires).As I think to improve myself at acting, I also would like to play in a film one day.

-The bonds were born during this year's tour :

I really ejoyed this tour, that KAT-TUN made as a six-persons-group. The fans was wild and I really have the feeling that it was because of our power. And if the next near we haven't concerts, after having this perfect tour, I'll feel empty. Moreover, I was really empty to see so much guest !! I told myself "It means that more and more people are looking forward for us", I felt that deeply. During my solo corner, I do intense dance steps, so after doing that I was exhausted (laughs). But I really like carried the best feelings by this way.

-And recently ?

Recently, I bought our tour' DVD. I find it very useful. But we think that the set-list is the same (than during the tour itself), no ?
Our have been edited (laughs). Tomorrow, since I'll be at my home, I'll can watch "Cartoon KAT-TUN" (rires). And during "YOUtachi!" (on Nihon TV) food' taste seems to have changed for me after the corner "kira clear file". It's for this reason that I find that lemon is very sweet for me now. This thing has continue even after the show, onigiris that I ate on my dressing room were sweet too (laughs)

translations credit to jolly-roger-77

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