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name NAKAMARU YUICHI nickname YUCCHI, YUU, MARU birthplace TOKYO, JAPAN birthdate SEPTEMBER 4, 1983 zodiac VIRGO siblings 2 YOUNGER SISTERS height 176cm blood type O special talent BEATBOX favourite colour GREY, BLACK, WHITE favourite fruit STRAWBERRY addicted to CHOCOLATE favourite sports SOCCER currently studying at WASEDA UNIVERSITY for HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES

Sunday, 18 September 2011


...coz our boys love it...teehehehee


Image training before the concert is YES.
Ka: This time the theme is to decide many “YES-NO” things. What do you think, shall we talk about our bad and daily habits?
J: If we talk about habits, Koki always listen to loud volume music in front of everyone, right?
N: Ah, for example before lives, right?
Ko: I do it to raise the tension before the real thing, so it’s absolutely ok!
N: Looking at that hyper Koki my tension raises (laughs)
Ka: But each one of us has different favourite artists.
J: Yes, exactly~! There’s no artist that we all agree “I like this one, I want to listen to him”. What shall we do next time?
U: In this case it can’t be helped, everyone listens to his favourite music using earphones. (laughs)
J: So scattered away! (laughs)
N: Ah, it just came to mind now, but there’s a soccer team that reunites very 1st class players in which they watch their great plays all together before the match. It seems that they look at themselves and their tension raises, sort of “we can do it!”. Don’t you think that this would be fine?
Ka: I understand. I heard that also many baseball players, before a match, watch a recording of their perfect batting and do image training.
N: I want to do it with KAT-TUN too, is this a YES?
J: Eh, watching a recording of ourselves on purpose before a live?
Ko: No, isn’t it good even if it’s not a record of us? For example using a record of a skilled singer artist, I’m sure there’s surely a part that receives a good influence.
U: Exactly the image training Kame said before! I think that watching skilled people and studying them is a YES.
N: Then the conclusion is…
Ka: …a NO! (laughs)
N: Eeh?!
Ka: Or better, it’s because Koki and I are the type that wants to go outside and move the body before the real show, more than staying backstage.
Ko: Talking about it, one time it happened that Kame and I played badminton before the show. I remember we sweated a lot because we settled a rule not to stop until we could do 50 consecutive exchanges.
J: What would it happened if you didn’t manage?
Ka: Don’t worry, after all we are KAT-TUN (laughs)
Ko: It’s unrelated to Taguchi, but after all we are KAT-TUN.
J: I’m KAT-TUN too! (laughs)
Ka: By the way, when last year we did the “7 days in Tokyo dome”, one time after a rehearsal I went out, bought a jersey and a bat and played baseball.
Ko: Maa, in short, isn’t good if each one spends his time in his own style before the real show?
U: Exactly.
Ka: There’s no need to overdo and rise the tension too much either.
Ko: Because during the live it rises a bunch anyway (laughs)

Garlic in KAT-TUN style is a YESYES!
Ka: Then the next chat should be the YES-NO about food. What’s the YES sauce for shabushabu?
N: Recently something like yuzukoshou plus ponzu.[t/n: 2 condiments. The first has yuzu zest and chile peppers, the second soy sauce and vinegar]
Ko: For me, it’s sesame sauce on meat and ponzu on vegetables.
U: For me, when there’s rice I use sesame sauce.
J: Sesame sauce is popular. For me sesame is a NO. I like eating it with simple soup most.
Ka: Eh, really? For me the best YES is ponzu+garlic.
U: Ah, garlic is good.
Ko: I also surely add garlic.
J: It’s indeed good.
N: Then, from now on let’s talk sticking to the garlic (laughs). Is It right to say that for all of us garlic is a YES?
All: YES, YES!
J: Really, everyone in KAT-TUN likes garlic~ If we go out to eat, we would surely eat it.
Ka: I eat it a lot at home too, I always have a stock.
U: Me too, when I cook gyoza at home I add plenty of it!
Ka: Seriously, I can distinguish the difference in taste of chopped garlic types sold by different makers.
J: Then next time let’s do a match for the best garlic! (laughs) choosing the garlic: “The garlic I chose isn’t this maker’s!”
Ka: I’ve got a strong mistake-proof confidence in my ability.
Ko: Then, girls often says “if I eat garlic I’m worried about the smell”, but that isn’t something to be worried about.
U: Yes, yes. It’s delicious so it’s fine eating it.
Ko: “If everyone eats garlic all together you aren’t afraid anymore”.
Ka: Shall we make it this year’s KAT-TUN’s theme? (laughs)
N: What kind of group are we? (laughs)
Ka: If you add sesame oil to grated garlic it becomes even more delicious!
(the 5 continues discussing with passion about garlic)
J:… isn’t it better to change topic now? (laughs)

Looking at mails without consulting, it’s a NO from whichever point of view!
Ka: The next one is the romantic love’s YES-NO!
Ko: Eating dishes with garlic at a date is a YES or NO?
N: That’s enough! (laughs)
Ka: Then for example, looking at the lover’s mails without permission is a YES or NO?
Ko+U-N: NO!
J: I think it’s no problem being a YES.
All: Really?!
N: Here he comes, Taguchi!
U: You, it’s time to spiritually awake! (laughs) It’s unimaginable to look at people’s mails!
Ko: Or better, it’s morally unacceptable!
Ka: It’s unbelievable to look at people’s things at your own pleasure.
J: Eh, but you know, judging from the girl doesn’t it become “he can’t show me it because there’s something fishy, he must be hiding something”?
All: No, it’s different!
J. Really?
Ka: Because it’s the same of peeking at what’s inside the heart at your pleasure, no?
Ko: Yes, yes. In my case, I think I’d break the instant she looks at it.
U: Because it’s the proof you don’t trust the other.
N: Taguchi, it’s better if you pay attention to this everyone’s strict opinion (laughs)
J: No, really it’s fine for me~
U: Ah, no no. Let’s change this month’s issue contents into “This side of Taguchi is wrong” (laughs)
J: Eh?
Ka: It looks like that if we begin such a discussion we won’t be able to stop, so let’s continue with the next topic, ok? (laughs) What do you think that’s a NO about girls’ fashion?
Ko: I already said it in POTATO time ago, but for me names like “leggings” and “salopette” are a NO. Aren’t “spats” and “overall” fine?
Ka: Then, how’s called the thing you have on your ear, Koki?
Ko: What, the pierced earring? [=piasu]
Ka: Ah, that’s correct to call it pierced earring [=piasu]. It isn’t an earring. (laughs) [=mimiwa. It implies it isn’t pierced, so typical female, and it’s a word that has an old-fashion taste]
J: Ahahah, earring! [=mimiwa]
Ko: it isn’t! Then, necklace is “neck ring”? Bracelet is “wrist-ring”? Which era is this! (laughs) [T/N: Koki is comparing the more common English name for those accessories with the related old-fashioned kanji version. Since earring=ear+ring, Koki says necklace=kubiwa (which means “collar” too) and bracelet=udewa]
Ka: No, it’s the same of those. Even leggings, they have changed many times together with the era, and in this changing process the names changed too. That’s what I think.
U: Ah~ of course, got it.
N: For me this isn’t important, I think that’s more a NO men of a couple walking in the city whom bring the woman’s bag in her behalf.
All: That’s a NO~
J: Or better, it’s the wrong usage.
Ko: I understand if you carry a heavy load, but isn’t weird that the man carries anything and everything?
U: It is!
Ka: I think the same. Yeah, finally we’ve got the same opinion! (laughs) Then to conclude, work talk. On 18th May our new song “WHITE” will be released, I also want to do to a concert soon.
N: Yes. Exactly because it’s after the earthquake, I want to go on stage holding stronger than usual the consciousness of “let’s show we can transmit energy!”
U: Because holding concerts this year has a great meaning for us.
Ko: The direction and the concept of the stage aren’t decided yet, but as Nakamaru said, right now the feelings of wanting to enjoy and give energy to everyone are very strong.
J: Exactly because the concerts are an important place where we can become one with everyone, I want to properly prepare it and offer a good product.
Ka: While considering the many state of affairs, we will think about the best ways and show you something that we can accomplish!

translations credit to iside89

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